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Who am I ?

Hello everyone, my name is Yolhan Mannes and welcome to my page. I am a PHD student under the direction of Ersoy Mehmet and Omer Eker. I'm doing my PHD at the laboratory Imath in the university of Toulon at La Garde.

I studied at the University of Toulon where I obtained a bachelor's degree in mathematics and a master's degree in mathematics and applications. My thesis is the continuation of my second-year master's internship work that I did with Mr Ersoy on the subject: Modeling of blood circulation in the arteries.

My thesis subject is therefore: derivation, mathematical and numerical analysis of models for the cardiovascular system, application to macro-circulation and aneurysm. My plans are to become a lecturer and to continue working in mathematics applied to medicine.

My work

My main researchs fields are modelling, the derivation of models from fluid and/or solid mechanics, mathematical analysis and numerical simulation.

More specifically, I work on Navier Stokes equations in complicated geometries and I derive hyperbolic models from them, the mathematical analysis of this type of model goes through proofs of regularity, diagonalization and Riemann problems.

In addition, the numerical part consists of making approximations of the finite element or finite volume type, studying the convergences of these diagrams and visualizing the data.


L1 mathématiques

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